Visa Wants to Offer Contactless Payment with ... Sunglasses!

Contactless payment started with credit cards. Nowadays, it is found on our smartphones and smartwatches. And for the future? Visa has an idea in mind: sunglasses.

The financial group, rival MasterCard in the middle of the credit card, presented an idea that will be tested soon. The operation is quite simple: one of the temples of the pair of glasses is approached near a payment terminal and the transaction is performed. For those who are asking the question, an NFC chip is present in one of the temples of the glasses to allow payment. This same chip is used in smartphones and smartwatches for the same type of transaction.

It is a prototype at this stage and not a product ready to be marketed. Visa will see if a request exists and will have to find partners at the level of the eyewear manufacturers.

A question may arise to this day: Is not a limitation to sunglasses a problem in winter or during periods when the sun is hiding? In the meantime, it will be necessary to see whether the public will be asking for such an accessory.

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