The mixed reality of Microsoft will arrive on Xbox in 2018

To fight against the PlayStation VR, Microsoft is opening its platform of mixed reality to other manufacturers in order to offer it on its consoles next year.

Unlike Sony with its PlayStation VR, Microsoft did not offer virtual reality on its Xbox One and it could bite its fingers, due to the headsets success exclusive to the PlayStation 4. However, the American giant is developing augmented reality with its holographic HoloLens helmet and has decided to open its technology to other developers via its Windows Holographic Platform.

The purpose? That other manufacturers (Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 3Glasses) give birth to Windows-compatible products in the field of mixed reality. Initially, only PCs will be concerned but Microsoft aims for compatibility with its Xbox in 2018.


During the GDC 2017, Microsoft said more about its plans concerning mixed reality on console. The editor explains: "We’re also excited to share that Windows Mixed Reality experiences will light up on other devices over time, beyond desktop and Microsoft HoloLens. Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018." This implies that Microsoft could develop -or have developed- an Xbox One headset. It will be noted that Windows Holographic is renamed Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft also took advantage of the GDC to unveil the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset, which will be sent from March to interested studios. It boasts two screens (1440 × 1440 resolution), a 90 Hz refresh rate, a 3.5 mm sound jack and HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 outputs for data transfer. It also has its own motion sensor to get rid of external cameras.

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