The Mill unveil Blackbird Automotive Capture

The special effects studio The Mill unveiled an impressive technology called Cyclops.

The Mill introduced the Cyclops. The process is based on a combination of the Blackbird car frame, advanced cameras, and graphics rendering on Unreal Engine 4. Cyclops is able to overlay a digital frame model in the video, To edit in real time several of its attributes, such as its body color or even its shape thanks to a smartphone equipped with the technology of augmented reality Tango of Google.

During the conference, Sam Russel, the marketing manager of the Chevrolet, showed how we can integrate these graphic changes with the contribution of a smartphone, presenting the new model of the Camaro ZL1.

Alistair Thompson, one of The Mill's executives, said that "We can integrate the wheels of all automakers or adapt the suspension in minutes. Everything is totally reactive: the lights, the reflections." Clearly, give the desired shape to interested car manufacturers in no time.

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