Samsung introduces Bixby, the virtual assistant of the Galaxy S8

InJong Rhee, vice president at the head of R&D reveals some information about the Bixby personal assistant that will be implanted in the heart of the Galaxy S8.

If you follow even a little bit the high-tech news of the last few weeks, you will know that Samsung is actively preparing the launch of its Galaxy S8. After the failure - noticed and remarkable - of the Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean manufacturer has no longer the right to error, this new smartphone must make strong impression and win against the Apple iPhone 7.

In addition to a new design and first-rate technical specifications, it would have a personal assistant named Bixby; for the anecdote, it was developed by the former creators of Siri. Anyway, at the approach of the conference, Samsung unveils the general operation of this assistant which is obviously presented as revolutionary.

Bixby adopts a "new philosophy". Rather than forcing Man to understand how to interact with the machine, the idea is to push the machine to adapt to our habits. To achieve this goal, Samsung highlights three points:

- The ability to control the majority of the functionality of a Bixby-compatible voice application. The goal is to no longer "confuse" the user about what it is possible or not to do.

- Bixby will be sensitive to the context. The user will be able to launch at any time Bixby, it would be able to know the context and the applications to which to refer.

- Error tolerance. Bixby would sufficiently evolve to understand incomplete information or requests and perform the task requested. If the result is incorrect, it will ask for more details in order to improve it.

We will see at the presentation on March 29th if the Galaxy S8 is up to expectations and if Bixby is really able to interact and make the use of a phone more transparent and intuitive. On these points, the current assistants, Siri or Google Now, have not been able to impose themselves in the usages.

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