Pirelli Unveils its Smart Tires at the Geneva Motor Show!

Pirelli unveiled some new features at the 87th edition of the Geneva Motor Show, including stunning smart tires, the Pirelli Connesso.

These tires are immediately distinguished by their colorful look and also their materials coming straight from Formula 1, but their main originality lies in sensors placed inside the tire, sensors capable of delivering in real time information like The pressure, the level of usury or even ... the number of kilometers already traveled!

But there's more, because this information is not displayed on the dashboard but on the screen of a smartphone, via a dedicated app. So, on the screen of your Android or iOS, you will now be able to "follow" the wear status of the tire to know when to decide the stop by the nearest garage. As is somewhat unfortunate, these futuristic tires are initially intended only for supercars of very high-end manufacturers.

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