Now you Can Send Money through Gmail on Android!

Gmail is well known as a messaging tool to send and receive emails. Today, Google announces the arrival of a new feature on Android, already available on the Web: sending and receiving money. This system can be handy to pay off a friend, arrange a trip or pay for an individual for an Internet purchase.

Sending money is simple, just click on the attachment icon and select the "Send Money" option. enters thus the desired amount, a possible message, then chooses the contact with his email address and sends. The money transfer is handled by Google Wallet, the Google service directly. No commission is taken.

For now, the service is limited to certain levels. Availability to start, only US users can enjoy it at the moment. Google gives no date for other regions of the world. Also, the option is not available on iOS right now. Again, Google says nothing about it for a possible future availability.

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