Nothing stops the Minitaur, a miniature robot with four legs

The improved version of Minitaur, a robot with four legs, intends to demonstrate the superiority of this type of robots on their similar with wheels. The small device is capable of traversing different types of terrain.

Are robots with legs (or legs) superior to their cousins on wheels? The debate is animating the robotics world and the company Ghost Robotics intends to definitively prove the superiority of the first type with the improved version of its Minitaur.

The small device, with four legs, looks like a spider in its appearance and way of moving. Unveiled last year, it has undergone major changes that allow it to move on any type of terrain: grass, rock, sand, snow and ice, in the midst of obstacles or Climbing on vertical surfaces.

The Minitaur is able to adapt to unexpected environments while maintaining its balance but also to bend down to pass under rather low surfaces like jumping up to 40 centimeters in height on ledges or over holes of 80 centimeters of length.

Pending future commercialization of the Minitaur, the prototype continues to prove itself to several robotics engineers, whether they work at Google, the University of Washington or Pennsylvania. Ghost Robotics seeks to keep production costs to a minimum to allow massive adoption of the small robot, which is thought to be useful for rescue operations or for scientific study in the natural environment.

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