Nokia 3310: when nostalgia Explode Pre-orders

Nokia has obviously played on users nostalgia and has proposed a modern version of its very iconic 3310: the phone currently achieves record pre-orders.

At the Mobile World Congress, Nokia presented a review of its legendary phone, the 3310. A phone that was famous for its innovative design, incomparable resistance and autonomy capable of providing more than one week of operation.
And it is the English reseller Carphone Warehouse that, on Twitter, says its pre-orders are "amazing", pointing out that the 3310 is a phone that users really want.

Does the mythical phone still have good days ahead? Not so sure: the 3310 2017 takes advantage of the feeling of nostalgia of the users, and in fact, these users are now too accustomed to use their applications and their connectivity that’s why they will not turn to the 3310 daily. However, with a price of around 50 €, the 3310 is particularly accessible and therefore able to present itself as a rescue phone or simply a collector's item for the most fans.

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