MWC2017: SanDisk Extreme A1 256GB the World's Fastest SD-card!

Present on the MWC 2017, Western Digital took the opportunity to present, as every year, its latest micro SD card. The SanDisk Extreme A1 microSD card is not only a 256GB capacity but is also the fastest on the market today. 

Western Digital which owns SanDisk introduced a new micro SDcard with a capacity of 256GB. However, the new Extreme A1 not only shines with ts high storage capacity, it is also the fastest micro SD card on the market, with 100 Mb/s against 95 Mb/s for the previous model and offers 1500 IOPS in reading and 500 in writing thanks to the new specification A1.

As Western says, this card is perfectly suited for smartphones running under the latest version of Android and benefiting from the adoptable storage feature that merges micro SD and internal memory because it will not slow down the loading of the applications.

Last but not least, this SD card is designed to resist to shocks, water, high temperatures and even X-rays. So you can take it anywhere without fearing anything. It will be available starting March for $199.99.

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