MWC 2017: LINE Unveils Cloud AI ‘Clova’

The chat app Line announced yesterday at MWC 2017 IN Barcelona, its first cloud AI “Clova”.

The company is launching a suite of AI software tools to power an online digital assistant capable of conversing in Japanese and Korean called Clova.

Clova an abbreviation of “Cloud Virtual Assistant”, is like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant.

The assistant will be able to converse with users and provide weather and news via a dedicated smartphone app or a speaker that sits on the table "Wave".

Inside Clova is a brain and a sophisticated array of sensors. Clova Interface is like a human’s senses. Which allows Clova to recognize voices, faces, actions and more, so it can understand a wide range of real-world inputs, Clova Brain puts together these inputs and accesses LINE’s massive and deep databases to optimize LINE’s wide range of contents and services.

More than just linking voice commands, Clova Brain can understand complicated questions and make sophisticated recommendations.

The first Clova-integrated products, Clova App, and the smart speaker Wave are scheduled to debut in Japan and Korea in early summer.

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