Meet Nvidia's Jetson TX2: A New Era To A.I Technology!

Nvidia just announced its prototype concerning its new computing system, dedicated especially to Artificial Intelligence Missions! The new step will certainly make the company leading the industry due to its large experience in the field of I.T.

The company new Jeston will enhance the performance of many features which in fact are more familiar to the A.I Industry, such as traffic camera, sensors and robotics manufacturing...

The Jetson TX2 uses 8GB of RAM, a Pascal-based GPU ,two 64-bit Nvidia quad-core ARM chips, it holds a Bluetooth connectivity and 1GB Ethernet for wired connections 32GB .

Cisco, the network giant, confirms that the Jeston TX2, can without any doubt, make AI systems more features powered, including face and speech recognition and other more complicated systems!

Nvidia’s shipping TX2 module will retail for $399 .The brand new embedded computing platforms will also continue to be made available, at reduced prices soon!

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