Mars Searching for Life

In order to Explore Mars, ExoMars program is established lead the exploration missions toward Mars,  Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli, both accomplished the mission at Mars in October 2016. Schiaparelli failed during landing, but TGO made it.

The main Mission is is expected to begin in 2018, when the Orbiter TGO reaches its orbit. The orbiter will be in place to provide communications to the ExoMars rover and landing surface which are expected to launch in 2020. 

Mars Exploration was signed a Joint Initiative that was supposed to cover the goals of ExoMars and the planned NASA Mars researches. The planned program is to include two rovers, but was deemed too complex and scaled back to one European rover with U.S instruments.

A landing site will be shown about a few months before the mission launch time. When the rover was originally expected to launch in 2018, Exos Mars will certainly have a great jump in Mars research.

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