LG unveils prototype VR headset developed with Valve

LG has just presented a virtual reality headset inspired by HTC Vive. The result was interesting.

LG took advantage of the GDC 2017 to unveil its virtual reality helmet developed in collaboration with Valve and logically compatible with the SteamVR service. The headset specifications are therefore likely to change just like the design. However, it already looks like a true competitor of the HTC Vive. 

Indeed, this is not very surprising since this is basically a clone of its competitor. Like the HTC Vivid, LG's new helmet was developed according to the specifications required by Valve. Like the Vive, it uses the tracking technology that allows to be located in a room, but also to reach out to gasp an object. Ultimately, the result is Similar to its competitor. LG makes a big step compared to the last attempt.

But in what is the LG headset interesting, if it is similar to the HTC Vive? Well, first of all the headset is comfortable. It is better balanced, it is also lighter and the headband is more pleasant. The controllers have been updated, they are based on the new concept "Viper" introduced by Valve. They are therefore more pleasant in hand and - supposedly - more efficient. There is also less cable, one USB-C loading the video signal, sound and power supply.

The screen is also interesting. LG uses a single AMOLED slab with a resolution of 1440x1280 pixels -per eye- at a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a view field of 110 degrees via refractive lenses (against Fresnel lenses on the Vive). The pixels are always visible, but the grid effect seems less annoying.

We suspect that LG will try to offer its helmet at an attractive price. However, Oculus has just dropped the price of its headset. For now, the release date, price and details of the "general public" version have not been revealed.


  1. Virtual reality headset keeps us in a way as we are in a real world. This is awesome. My favorite brand LG has come with a VR headset with HTC Valve. This is interesting. The things that impressed me best is its single AMOLED slab on the screen, LG introduced in virtual reality headset for sale. Yes, we also expect a reasonable price set up from LG so that general people can afford it.


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