LG G6: the UX 6.0 video allows us to discover some features

The LG G6 will be accompanied by UX 6.0, a home interface. The Korean manufacturer has just released a video announcing some new features.

In this video, we can discover some features of UX 6.0 interface based on Nougat. There is, for example, the famous KnockOn, which allows adding functionalities to the screen (awakening with fingers and gestures). The Grid Shot function allows merging several images, Match Shot also with videos. 360 Panorama can create 360-degree photographs. There is also a tool to create GIFs easily. The G6 promises us many functions, like the previous premium smartphones from LG.

Obviously, many features are already present in the interfaces of other manufacturers, such as Huawei, HTC, and Samsung.

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