Levi's and Google smart connected jacket will be available for $350

The Jacquard jacket developed in collaboration with Levi's will be marketed in the fall of 2017.

Unveiled at the 2016 Google I/O, the Jacquard smart jacket developed in collaboration with clothing manufacturer Levi's will be available in 2017. Originally scheduled for spring, the launch was pushed back at the end of the year, so we'll have to be patient to find this new garment.

Specifically, it eliminates the need of the smartphone in some situations. You will be able to answer or reject a call, change a song and even control Google Maps by voice. Google announces two days of autonomy. The recharge is done via a tag located on the sleeve, the whole is perfectly concealed. It is almost impossible to differentiate this jacket from a classic coat.

On the prototype version, the application seemed rather rudimentary, it would be the cause of this delay. Let's bet that Google has improved its app to give more appeal to its jacket, because its price seems quite high, it should be close to 350 dollars.

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