Instagram: it is now possible to save the live stream after the broadcast is complete!

Instagram today announced a new feature for live video. These are offered for a few weeks now, they allow users to do a live stream and have real-time feedback from viewers.

Starting today, it's possible to record live stream on your smartphone after the broadcast is over. To do this, simply click on the new "Save" button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen after the live is complete. Instagram notes that only video can be recorded and not comments, the number of views or the like.

Thanks to this system, the direct authors will be able to propose a replay via another platform (Facebook or YouTube for example) or select extracts of a few seconds to share them on their Instagram accounts. As a reminder, Instagram allows videos that have a maximum duration of one minute.

This new feature is in place today, according to Instagram. The social network to the 600 million users adds that this update is only the first of a long series of improvements that will be offered year-round for Instagram Stories and more.

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