Google Wants to Get Rid of CAPTCHA!

Google wants to use artificial intelligence to detect robots on the Internet, after its latest tests have shown convincing results. This would eliminate the need for users to perform a specific action when submitting a form.

CAPTCHA, the acronym for  Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart, is as the name suggests, a system that automatically detects whether a surfer is a human or a robot. But in recent years, Google has done a lot of work on its own CAPTCHA, and in particular on the automatic part: it is no longer necessary to enter a biscornu text, replaced by a simple button to click to indicate that one is not "Not a robot". Today, Google is thinking about using artificial intelligence to do this work, and no longer oblige Internet users to take action to prove their good faith.

Google says there will no longer be a need for a checkbox to prove that you're human, and that a simple analysis of the behavior of a user on a web page would be sufficient for its AIs to detect robots. In case of doubt, suspicious users can be led to solve a simple puzzle, returning to the first security measures of the kind. The new system still needs to be adopted, which will then have to prove itself in real conditions, but this would mean a lesser constraint for users if adopted.

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