Google Hangouts Accounts will not Disappear!

Google Hangouts seems to be dying, but Allo and Duo applications manager is confident for the future of its users.

Amit Fulay, who oversees Google's Allo and Duo messaging projects, is trying to reassure Hangouts users: no, the chat service will not disappear.

-Lost of interest:

Allo is not yet linked to the Google account, But it will not be long in its desktop version that is to come. The latter will connect to the Hangouts database. That means you can find your Hangouts conversations via Google Allo in its desktop version and vice versa. Hangouts, accessible from Gmail, will therefore lose even more of its interest since users of Google Allo will be the heirs of those who were previously on Hangouts. The new application will eventually replace the old one in its uses.

Hangouts Meet that accommodates more users for a video conference group discussion will not use the same database but is more permissive than the classic Hangouts (with more features).

the head of product of Google Allo and Google Duo however, in a tweet, wanted to remind that users of Hangouts will not be left behind.

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