Gmail: the maximum size of receiving attachments goes to 50 MB, finally!

Google announced today a good news for Gmail users, the maximum size of attachments in reception finally changes from 25mb to 50mb.

Gmail, which now has more than one billion active users, is the preferred email client for many of us. Google announcing an important novelty for its email client, users can now receive large files by attachments, the limit passing from 25mb to 50mb.

However, this new service concerns only reception, which means if you receive an attachment with a size greater than 25mb from another email service it will no longer be blocked.but you still can not send attachments over 25 MB from Gmail. At least not for the moment.

Finally, as Google remind us, there is an alternative, Google Drive. Depending on the storage you have in your account, it is possible to send up to 5Tb of attachments. 

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