Gmail: Google will Add Extensions to its Email Service!

After the extensions of Google Chrome browser, the company wants to offer the same level of customization in Gmail. Later in the year, it will be possible to add extensions to the service and mobile applications.

Google Next, an event dedicated to Google services. The latter is still behind Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, so the firm must react and make its services more attractive.

-Extensions arrive on Gmail:

Google starts responding to the arrival of extensions on Microsoft Outlook by offering the same service on Gmail. Developers will be able to create extensions that will integrate with the management of the emails on the website of the service, but also in the mobile applications. Google can rely on the enormous installed base of Gmail users to quickly convince developers. The latter may choose to develop extensions for the general public or only for professionals subscribing to G Suite.

The extensions allow simplifying the actions on other services while one corresponds by mail. For example, you can send money directly from the PayPal extension, or you can order a Uber for the journey to an appointment accepted in your calendar.

If this new product follows the same success as the extensions for Google Chrome, Gmail's features could be multiplied tenfold in the coming months. Good news for the users of the platform.

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