For Airbus, the future car is also a drone!

Always more futuristic: Airbus has just unveiled its latest flying car project. With Pop.Up, the aeronautical giant is considering merge a car and a drone together.

By the end of 2017, Airbus will begin testing its flying cars. But the aeronautical giant Does not wait for this deadline to continue presenting its increasingly futuristic projects. This time the group's latest innovation is a car that is also a drone, an autonomous flying machine. Yes, in the Airbus imaginary, drone and car are one.

Airbus took advantage of the International Motor Show in Geneva, to unveil in a video this new project, named Pop.Up. If one believes these images, the use would be simple: we see a woman, calmly settled in her house, preparing her journey on a transparent screen.

The car carries in a parking lot, where a drone appeared. The flying object grabs the main cabin of the vehicle.


Moments later, you can even see the main cabin boarding a train (or would it be a hyperloop?). In short, here is another car that would have only the name. In theory, at least, because this extraordinary means of transport is only a project. If Pop.Up becomes a reality one day, Airbus intends to entrust its operation to artificial intelligence.

Airbus has teamed up with an Italian firm, Italdesign, to accompany it in this adventure. Airbus is never lacking ideas to anticipate the transport means of tomorrow, but with Pop.Up, difficult not to wonder if the bar has not been placed a little high. Operation with electricity, take-off and vertical landing option, and artificial intelligence... It is not surprising that Airbus has not yet indicated a release date for this ambitious project.

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