Fitbit Alta HR: the connected bracelet specialist in miniaturized sleep!

Fitbit Alta HR is the thinnest smart bracelet of the brand, but also a very good ally for the monitoring of sleep.

Fitbit launches the smallest of the smart bracelets with miniaturization of its chip with Alta HR. but in more compact design that is no refusal to combine a practical side and elegant side. But most importantly, this bracelet is oriented towards the follow-up of the sleep.

Fitbit is in a bad position, but the brand dominates the market for business trackers while moving gradually towards the smartwatches. On the Alta HR, there is continuous monitoring of the heart rate as was already the case with its Fitbit Charge 2 for example, with calorie burning, a choice of activities and intensity, Regular physical activity on your heart health. All this for an autonomy of seven days.

Intelligent, the bracelet allows automatic tracking, automatic recognition of physical activities, notifications for calls, SMS as well as you can share results and goals with your friends in the application.

With Alta HR, Fitbit relies heavily on the newest sleep monitoring features it incorporates. Although the previous models already incorporated this function and the data collected were interesting to note, it is true that it was not really clear what to do with all this information afterward. Fitbit intends to improve this, notably thanks to its PurePulse technology, which makes it possible to better identify the various phases of sleep.

The partner application on the smartphone is also improved, for the holders of Charge 2 and Blaze. The app provides more information such as light, deep, paradoxical sleep and awakening periods. And the good side is that your results will be accompanied by references and personalized advice, which makes it easy to locate and improve your daily life. This was endorsed by the SLEEP 2017 community of sleep scientists and clinicians.

Alta HR is available for pre-order now on while awaiting its arrival in shops in early April.

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