Firefox 52 arrives and cleaned up the plugins

Firefox 52 is available for download. The focus is on security, WebAssembly support and plugin cleanup. Only Flash is still resisting.

The new version of Firefox is available. Firefox 52 offers a number of additions, but also marks the end of several NPAPI plugins. We note the removal of Java, Acrobat and Silverlight. But this was for a good which should bring a gain in safety and stability. A stability that was no longer the preserve of independent browser of the Mozilla Foundation. Only plug-ins to make resistance, Flash whose days are counted... Remember that those who still want to use these plug-ins, will have to go through Firefox ESR whose support is expected until 2018.

In the register of innovations, we note that Firefox 52 proposes the management and the control of the tabs to devices synchronized and the activation of the multi-process for the Windows machines equipped with a touch screen (This system provides greater stability by separating task processing). Support for the WebAssembly programming language, which aspires to become the new binary code of the Internet, is also integrated into the MAJ. Another security addition, a warning message will appear when you enter an identifier or password field on a non-secure HTTPS page.

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