Facebook Messenger enhance with the arrival of "Reactions" in group discussions

Reactions and Mentions land on Facebook Messenger, but only for group conversations.

Facebook Messenger diversifies the functionality on its platform. As on the social network of the same name, the service of instantaneous receives the Reactions and the Mentions, but only on the discussions of the group.

This is what David Marcus, responsible for Messenger, announced on his Facebook account. The service offers more choices than the classic "Like", symbolized by a thumb in the air. In the image depicting this announcement, we can also see that there is even a thumb pointed down to show his disagreement. In this regard, we already knew that Facebook was testing such a button.

For their part, the Mentions make it possible to question someone in particular in the discussion. This is useful when all participants have disabled the notifications of a discussion, but you have a very important message to pass.

Its new features are beginning to be deployed around the world from today.

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