Facebook launches Facebook 360, a virtual reality app for 360-degree content!

Facebook already offers support for photos (since June 2016) and 360-degree videos (since September 2015). Today, it unveils its first application dedicated to virtual reality with precisely related to the  360 degrees contents.

The social network launches Facebook 360, a new application destined for the Samsung Gear VR headset. The latter is powered by the technology of Oculus, a property of Facebook. With the application, users have four tabs:

-Explore: to discover the most popular 360-degree content that has been posted on Facebook by brands, pages or users.
-Following: to find the 360-degree content that has been posted by our friends, as well as those posted by the pages and people that we follow.
-Saved: to return on the contents previously saved on Facebook in order to see it from the virtual reality headset.
-Timeline: to relive our own content posted on Facebook, either photos or 360-degree videos.

The application is available to download for free. Just launch the Oculus application and then download Facebook 360. It is also possible to go through the Oculus website directly.

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