Facebook: the "dislike" button in test

It was a feature that had been presented several times as incompatible with the atmosphere that Facebook wanted to maintain on its social network: the button "dislike" would currently be tested with some users.

Facebook may soon be revising its position regarding a functionality long demanded by users, namely a way to share its disagreement with other users through a button "dislike".

So far, Facebook had forbidden to propose such a button, evoking several reasons. From a global perspective, Facebook wanted to highlight the pure positivism on its network, thus avoiding seeing criticism settle too easily with a button to the negative connotation, which could spill more broadly on the Harassment or denigration.
A first concession was made by the network by adding emoticons, and the status expressing compassion, notably under the impetus of the users not frankly delighted to not have as the only alternative that "like" the most sad publications of their friends...

Facebook would therefore currently test the button "dislike" which will not really be the opposite of the button like. Indeed, it may be that the function is limited to an emoji representing just a thumb down.

No question for Facebook to propose a real button opposite to the one that made its success.

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