Discovery Arrow 3.0, the launcher Android by Microsoft

Microsoft is a big editor on Android: calendar, e-mail client... as well as a launcher. It is called Arrow and has recently moved to version 3.0, with many new features. It's time to shop around one of the most popular launchers on Android.

This version 3.0 is a major release: the Microsoft team in charge of the project has largely revised the launcher code, which has significantly reduced the resources required. Behind this project, the Garage team works on several "small developments". This launcher has still been downloaded between 5 and 10 million times. Between Nova, Apex, and Aviate, Arrow is getting to the point with some interesting features.

From the first start Arrow takes you by the hand: just select at least eight applications that you use regularly, shortcuts will be automatically installed on the first page of the launcher. These are the frequent applications. At first glance, Arrow looks like Pixel Launcher, with its app drawer, but it is packed with small practical options. To the left, for example, Google Now Point: This page named "Utility" is customizable, it seems to display the famous cards that were found on Windows 10 Mobile. You will be able to display shortcuts, frequent contacts, most used applications and so on.

The Arrow 3.0 settings provide access to a variety of options. Movements, for example, allow three functions to be activated: to display a dock (first image of the article, where fast access is visible), a function also linked to the downward scan, but also a function for lock your smartphone by touching the screen twice. You can also save your Arrow configurations, or restore backups.

Another important addition is the ability to choose between vertical or horizontal scrolling of application pages. There are several customization options as well, including notifications badges, which allows you to see the number of unread notifications on the application icon. Then there is the possibility of using custom icons packs.

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