Chrome reduces impact on battery of its background tabs

Google Browser Update Sets Down on Consumption Tabs in the background.

Google Chrome continues its walk to gradually reduce its impact on the use of processors with a new update, soberly named Version 57. In fact, it will allow Windows, MacOS and Linux computers and smartphones (Android and iOS) to consume less power - and thus reduce their impact on the battery.

By relying on a new management of the background tabs, the developers were able to reduce their consumption by 25% on average. The "timer", the calculation system that updates the web pages, of this type of tab has seen the delays between its calculations increase so that its consumption can not exceed 1% of the core processor use. Before, the background tabs interrogated the processor every second.


This update is part of the Google project to completely eliminate the impact of background tabs on processor resources. On the other hand, tabs that broadcast sound or connect to real-time applications such as WebSockets and WebRTC will continue to consume more power even if they are placed in the background.

As for updating Chrome for iOS, Google has integrated a playlist where you can save pages, press the share icon, and read them offline.

The latest version of Chrome, numbered 56, had mostly relied on the users safety.

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