Beoncam: a Smartwatch with a 360 Camera!

Smartwatches have various uses, you can use them to get directions, receive notification, play music...etc. Spacemap launched a new project for a smartwatch, this time we will get a 360-degree camera on our watch.

This is the Beoncam, which is actually rather a wearable camera than a smartwatch. It is still a project, but promises rather interesting features, as the Singaporean company says.

-A 360 camera:

The Beoncam is therefore a smartwatch connected to the smartphone, indicating the time, equipped with a microphone and a speaker, integrating a camera capable of 360-degree photos and videos shoots, water resistance thanks to a special case, and promising up to 4 days of battery life in normal uses.

Inside the frame, there is also a 8GB internal storage to store photos and videos taken by the camera.Moreover, It weights 55 g with 46.6 mm diameter and 25 mm thin.

The user can launch photo and video captures from the watch or use his smartphone application. you can share your records on the social networks, as well as doing live streams. Finally, this Boencam release very original photos with unusual angle of views.


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