Android O: redesigned notifications, picture-in-picture mode and many other features!

The 9to5Google media has received some information about Android O, let's take a closer look.

Android O will be announced at the next Google I/O event. Hiroshi Lockheimer, has shared an Oreo cake image on its Twitter account but didn't reveal any further information.

9to5Google, the US media dedicated to Google, comes to publish some information about Android O.

According to them, the system of notifications would be reviewed in large part, without specifying what will change. Notifications would be smarter, they would be sent only in the right context and on the right device.

In addition, app icons will be able to display the number of notifications associated with bubbles, such as on iOS and some Android interfaces. Finally, to end with the icons, Google would consider introducing adaptive icons, so developers would have access to tools to allow icons to change shape.

-Picture in Picture:

Google would also set up a picture-in-picture mode, such as on Android TV and iOS. The videos you watch will appear in a small window, allowing you to continue watching your video while using other features of your device.

Last but not least, it would add a floating toolbar to facilitate intelligent text selection: the system would be able to better identify texts to be copied and shared.

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