Android O: Google prepares a lot of features to make it easier for user

We do not yet know the official name of the next version of Android. Hiroshi Lockheimer, the director of Google's mobile operating system, said the Android O maybe be called "Oreo Cake", but nothing for sure.

However, more than the name of Android O, that's what we are interested in. Google would work on several features that would make life easier for users.

Copying and pasting a message on your smartphone is far from being a complicated task. Nevertheless, it can take a little time, especially when you have to pass text from one application to another. To do this, Google would work on an option called "Copy Less" in English - to translate by "Copy Less" - which would save time during this process.

So, if you're looking for a place to eat with one of your contacts, you can go to Yelp to find a good place. Instead of copying and pasting it into the application you are discussing with your friend, you just have to write "It's to" or "Go to". The option will automatically include and paste the restaurant address so that you can quickly send it to your contact.

Also to improve the efficiency of a copy-paste, the web giant also thinks of a way to recognize when an address has been sent in a discussion. If someone sends you an address by texting, Android will automatically turn it into a link to Google Maps.

Time-saving seems to be the battleground of Google. Indeed, the last feature mentioned would activate shortcuts by drawing letters on the screen with your finger. For example, C could bring you directly to the contact list. Some manufacturers already offer this kind of service on their home interfaces, like Huawei with EMUI.

The new version of Android should be announced at the Google I / O. In the meantime, one can always speculate on the name of it.

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