A new joystick "Recon Tech" for Xbox One

Microsoft is not stingy in accessories. The American firm has just announced a new controller called Recon Tech.

Microsoft is expanding its range of accessories for Xbox One. A new controller called "Recon" has just been unveiled. This is the first model in the "Tech Series" range. It comes in addition to the excellent "Elite" controller and "Shadow" versions.

The technical specifications and general ergonomics do not evolve compared to a classic Xbox One controller. We simply note the arrival of a new grip on the back part to offer a better grip.

In the end, the main change is an aesthetic with a clear "military inspiration". There is a new matt color and a few touches of color that recall the combat suits of certain characters. The "Recon Tech Special Edition" controller will be available on April 25 at a price of € 64.99. In comparison, an Elite controller exceeds 130 €.

Microsoft takes advantage of this innovation to announce the arrival of a co-driver mode, a function that allows players to help each other by using their own controller.

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