UAE Plans to Build a City on Mars in 2117!

It is not only the private space companies that turn to Mars and announce to consider establishing a colony there. The United Arab Emirates already evokes the idea of a Martian city open in 2117.

The Middle East is interested in the planet Mars: on Feb. 14, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, has unveiled a project that has been secretly assembled for several years: The establishment of an entire city on the Mars surface.

The project was baptized March 2117, which suggests a long-term mission. It would take 100 years to produce the technologies needed to send men to Mars to build the first city on the planet. In other words, the project is very ambitious and unrealizable at present (nothing says it will be in 100 years).

By 2020, the United Arab Emirates should launch their own mission of Martian exploration with a robot similar to that of NASA. The ambitions are high, but are in line with very serious actors in the field.

Elon Musk revived the SpaceX idea proposing a manned flight to Mars in 2024, 10 years before NASA envisioned it in its most optimistic scenario.

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