YouTube: advance or retreat with double tap on Android

In this new update, the YouTube app allows jump 10 seconds by double-tap in a video. To go back or forward.

The last update of the YouTube app for Android is an opportunity to introduce a new practical feature to control video playback. With a double tap, it is possible to go back or forward in a video.

The jumps in the video are done by 10 seconds. The fact of going back or forward is determined by the double tap that is made on the left or right side of the video player. Such a feature was already tested but had not been activated by default until now.

Note that several successive clicks increase the duration of the jumps. Four taps to move back or forward 20 seconds, six taps for 30 seconds and so on.

This little addition is rather welcome for a simpler and finer control of the video player.

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