With its high-end processors Ryzen, AMD attacks Intel by price

AMD is back, the Californian manufacturer has just formalized a new generation of high-end processors that finally come to compete Intel in term of performance and prices.

It's official, AMD is back on the market of high-end processors. After years of unrivaled domination, Intel finally seems to have a rival to its measure. The new Ryzen 7 range, made up of three references - 1800X; 1700X and 1700 - will be proposed on 2 March to $499, $399 and $329 respectively.

They are all three based on the Zen architecture with an engraving in 14 nm and equipped with eight cores, 16 threads. Lisa Su, CEO of the Californian group does not mince words when it discusses the performance of its new processors, the 1800X is announced as "the fastest 8-core desktop processor in the world", the 1700 as "the most efficient"

Higher performance, half price?

Let's talk about numbers, the 1800X direct competitor of the Core i7-6900K - which costs around 1200 euros - runs at a frequency of 3.6 GHz (4.0 GHz in Boost) for a TDP of only 95 watts. A remarkable performance, verified by a battery of tests on the software Cinebench 15. It would be 9% more efficient in multicore.

Formerly distanced on data processing in video games, AMD finally seems to have caught up. Great news for the industry, but  especially for the consumer who will now have the real choice. Competition stimulates innovation, this announcement may have the merit of reacting Intel.

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