Windows 10: Cortana reads emails to remind written promises

For Windows 10, and soon with Android and iOS Cortana identifies commitments in emails to provide timely reminders.

Using machine learning technology, Microsoft's personal assistant Cortana is now able to automatically recognize certain commitments made in emails in order to proactively propose related reminders.

At the appropriate time, a reminder will pop up to indicate to remember a specific commitment has been mentioned in an email. It may for example be a target date for finalizing a job. There will also a backup in the Notification Center.

This new feature is being deployed in the US for Windows 10. It will be available later with Android and iOS. For now, it is not specified deployment outside the United States. Cortana's opportunities continue to be more attractive across the Atlantic.

For such reminders, and with the user's consent, the and Office 365 accounts are supported and must be connected to Cortana. Other email services are provided later.

Not long ago, Microsoft pointed at Gmail to read - or at least analyze - users' emails (for targeted advertising purposes), unlike its Outlook email. The machine learning blurs maps and positions of the past.

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