VR Sense: A Magic Machine that lets you feel snow in your face!

Koei Tecmo Wave says the new arcade machine brings movement, aroma, touch, wind, heat, cold, rain, and mist to VR.

Three games will be included at launch later this year: GI Jockey SenseHorror Sense, and Dynasty Warrior. Each game stimulates different parts of a player’s body, so the jockey game will move players around as if they’re on a horse while also re-creating the feeling of “wind, rain, and snow.” Who doesn’t want to race a horse in snowy conditions? Horror Sense will drop virtual bugs from the ceiling while players feel them scurrying around their feet.

We’ve seen attempts at bringing smell to VR. What’s up with horses and VR arcade games? But maybe all they were missing was some snow re-creation. The VR Sense is debuting this weekend at the Japan Amusement Expo this weekend.

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