The Tesla Model 3 will not have a 100 kWh battery

Elon Musk stated that the Tesla Model 3 would not carry 100 kWh batteries.

Tesla has made significant progress in recent years in the autonomy of its vehicles. The P100Ds, whether Model S or Model X, surpassed the psychological barrier of 500 km in one refill. That said, it will not count on such autonomy for the Model 3: the Tesla mid-range car does not have a chassis large enough to support it. It was Elon Musk in person who announced it on Twitter in response to a user who asked him if he intended to go further than the current 100 kWh batteries.

To this question, Musk also replied in the negative: Tesla does not expect to go beyond 100 kWh in the near future. Larger batteries will go into the utilities and trucks that the brand thinks about.
For Model 3, we can expect to have a battery of 75 kWh or 90 kWh. As a reminder, these are the only batteries that Tesla installs in its vehicles. The first is flanged at 60 kWh for an entry-level model that can unlock its full potential for a few thousand dollars more.

As for competition, the Chevy Bolt does not leave the choice to its customers and has a battery of 60 kWh. The Chevrolet vehicle announced 383 kilometers of NEDC in one refill (much less in real conditions, of course).

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