Tesla app gets major update after four years of waiting

The long-awaited update of the Tesla app 3.0 is currently being rolled out. With this, there are some major changes introduced, such as support for fingerprint scanners and a new interface. The app has become faster.

With the new application, you can now authenticate with the fingerprint sensor and Touch ID, rather than with an alphanumeric password, which makes it much easier to use the virtual key function. The application allows for the reminder to lock/unlock the car and even to start it, in other words, to use it without the key.

The application also comes with widgets, which allow you to view the status of the car and activate certain functions directly from the home screen on Android or from the widgets panel on iOS, without even having to launch the application.

In general, the application facilitates access to its functions, here is the list:

·        View the charging progress and start or stop
·        Enable remote air conditioning
·        Lock or unlock the vehicle remotely
·        Locate your vehicle or track your movements
·        Activate the horn or flash the headlights to locate the vehicle in a parking lot
·        Opening or closing the panoramic roof
·        Use Auto Exit to take your vehicle out of your garage or a narrow parking space (if equipped with the Autopilot)

The Tesla app version 3.0 is free on the App Store for iPhone and Play Store for Android devices.

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