SpaceX cancels the launch of its rocket because an engine problem

SpaceX had to delay its rocket launch with 13 seconds, citing a technical problem detected on an engine of its rocket.

"All systems go, except the movement trace of an upper stage engine steering hydraulic piston was slightly odd. Standing down to investigate," said Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX, saying on Twitter that his teams would investigate. "If this is the only issue, flight would be fine, but need to make sure that it isn't symptomatic of a more significant upstream root cause," he added. The American company said on Twitter "Standing down to take a closer look at positioning of the second stage engine nozzle".

 The launch was postponed on Sunday 9:38 a.m. The Dragon capsule must deliver more than 2.2 tons of food and equipment for scientific experiments to astronauts living on the ISS.

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