Sony: a New SD Card with a Speed up to 300 MB/s!

The Sony brand announces a new family of SD memory cards. It speaks of an SF-G range offering the best speeds of the moment.

This new SF-G family will offer memory cards with 32, 64 and 128 GB capacity.

In terms of speed, we are talking about peaks at 299 MB/s during the writing phase and 300 MB/s during the reading phase. With such bit rates, amateurs as professionals should find their account, whether during the burst mode photo capture, during RAW format photo capture (Raw, without digital processing) or during 4K video capture, but also during transfers to the computer.

In addition, Sony suggests a water resistance, static electricity resistance and free availability of a tool to recover RAW photos and 4K videos accidentally deleted.

The availability has been reported for the month of March. No price has been announced.

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