Sony: a new mobile photo sensor that shoots in Full HD at 1000 fps

The Sony group announces a new CMOS photo sensor for smartphones, able to shoot 1000 fps in Full HD, reducing the distortion effects of moving objects and allowing high-quality slow motion.

The camera is one of the favorite features of smartphone users and the progress has been quick in recent years, first to increase the number of megapixels and then to optimize the qualities in low light and offer new possibilities.

The new CMOS module announced by the Sony group is a world first by being composed of three distinct layers which one is a DRAM directly embedded in the sensor. This evolution makes it possible to achieve higher processing speeds of the signals picked up by the photosites, ensuring an image capture in 1/120th of a second.

This property allows to take fast moving objects without distortion but will also allow the realization of Full HD videos at 1000 fps for high-quality slow motion effects. All this integrated in a smartphone, the data capture occurring at very high speed in the integrated DRAM but the external processing is done at normal speed and can be managed by a standard ISP image processing chip.

Better, Sony indicates that the system can detect a sudden movement of the subject and automatically trigger the slow motion mode, so do not miss the filmed scene. At 1000 fps, Sony's three-layer CMOS sensor goes much further than the solutions currently available, especially on the iPhone 7 or Google Pixel, which can shoot in slow motion and 1080p... at 120 fps (And 240 fps at 720p).

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