Skype: an important Update to do before March, 1st!

In an email addressed to Skype users, Microsoft warns that older version of its software will no longer work starting the March, 1st

Moving from a P2P architecture to a cloud service, some older version of Skype have simply become obsolete and will no longer work starting the next month.

Because, old Operating System (whether we talk about Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, and Windows phone) will not all benefit from it. As for Windows phone, only terminals in Windows 10 will be able to recover a functional version of the software.

For Windows and Mac respectively, version 7.16 and 7.18 and bellow will no longer work after the deadline of March, 1st 2017. if you are concerned, all you have to do is download the latest version of skype to prevent having a bad surprise!

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