Samsung QLED TVs will be Sold Starting $2500!

At the CES 2017, Samsung has introduced a new TV Series with a new display technology called Quantum Dot (QLED). And finally, we have an idea about the prices.

Samsung QLED TVs were announced recently at the CES 2017, where three models named Q7, Q8, and Q9 had been unveiled to the public. If the price was not revealed at that time, the price range now becomes clear that Samsung has opened pre-order via its website and through Amazon and BestBuy as well.

For its new range of QLED TVs, the south Korean manufacturer offers three different screen models with a price of $2500 for the 55-inch Q7F model that display a 4K resolution, and $6000 for its 75-inch version.

As for the curved screen, the 55-inch Q8C, which also has a 4K display, can be pre-ordered for $3500, this price can go to $4500 depending on the size of the screen. the Q9 models prices remain unknown. It is also known that these QLED TVs will be delivered with a more aesthetic cable system as well as features specially designed for music and sports.

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