Samsung is preparing to re-sell Galaxy Note 7

After its disappointments at the end of 2016, many people imagined that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now dead and buried, leaving the field free for the future Galaxy S8. It seems that the Korean manufacturer is stubborn and wants to get rid of its last stocks.

After months of research, the manufacturer concluded that fire came from batteries and not from the device itself. Once this finding is established, it is now necessary to find a solution to dispose of the 2.5 million devices that remain on its arms.

The Korean media said that Samsung could launch a third version of its Galaxy Note 7, with a battery reduced to 3000 or 3200 mAh instead of the 3500 of the original model and a new frame, which should solve the problems.

The new version would be completed in May for commercialization in June, but would still, according to the same source, mainly reserved for India, Vietnam and emerging markets.

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