Samsung Flow will soon be compatible with all devices under Windows 10

Samsung plans to launch a new version of Flow, a version compatible this time with all devices under Windows 10.

Samsung is at the head of an extremely dense catalog, but the manufacturer's offer is not limited to its products. It also has an application ecosystem rich of tools. Flow is actually part of it, and it is highly appreciated by all the fans of the brand.

Extremely useful, this application actually groups several tools to create a true symbiosis between the smartphones of the brand and a computer running Windows 10. To take advantage of the services of this program, simply install the application on the two devices to connect together and pair them using a Bluetooth connection.

With this system, the computer can retrieve notifications from the smartphone and display them on its screen. The user can then display his messages and even answer without having to put his hands on his phone.

The user can also use his mobile to unlock his computer with his fingerprints.

But, the Flow suffers from a very disabling problem: it is only compatible with certain devices. To benefit from its services, the user must have a Galaxy S7, a Galaxy S7 Edge, a Galaxy S6, a Galaxy S6 Edge or a Galaxy Note 5 and ... a Galaxy TabPro S. Flow does not actually support other computers on the market and is therefore limited to the hybrid machine of the brand.

At least for the moment. Samsung intends soon lift this limitation and launch a new version of its tool, a version compatible this time with all computers running Windows 10!

This new version should not be too late and its supposed to arrive on the market in April, more or less at the same time as the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +.

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