PS4: Sony Announces the Firmware 4.50 with the Support of External Hard Drive, Blue-Ray 3D for the VR and More!

Sony Unveiled the content of the next update of the PlayStation 4, the firmware 4.50. This update brings several new features. A first Beta is offered to some testers that have been selected by Sony.

The main news of the update is the support of the external hard drive. players are now able to install games on such a drive to avoid to filling the console's internal storage. It is also possible to transfer games already installed on the PlayStation 4 to the external hard drive, as well as application and addons. Sony announces that the hard drive must be in USB 3.0 and can have up to 8TB f storage.

External HDD Support
The update features also personalized wallpapers on the home screen, a redesigned design for the quick menu ( when the hold the PS button), the ability to post on the new PlayStation network activity feeds, and 3D Blue-ray support for the PlayStation VR, which allows you to watch 3D movies directly on the PS VR headset.

personalized wallpaper
Sony didn't announce a release date yet, for the final version of the firmware 4.50. However, they promised to share new details in the coming weeks.

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