Now You Can Feel The VR Experience!

The all new VR Suit promises to complete the VR experience. We have already got the headset for immersive graphics, but now we can even feel the VR magic thanks to the vibration offered by the new suit, in fact the new invention let you have a brand new virtual experience!

The device includes 16 haptic feedback zones that’ll react to compatible action games. Apparently every muscle group above your hips is covered will feel the magic of VR. NullSpace, the company behind the suit, explains that its suit relies on tracking technologies from systems like the Vive and Oculus Rift to figure out where your limbs and torso are in relation to the headset.

There are only 15 games that are completely compatible with the suit. Obviously NullSpace hopes developers will take advantage of its SDK. Still, it can be switched into audio mode, which will pick up sound from any game to create stereo haptic feedback.

The suit starts at $499 on Kickstarter with a game bundle included for an extra $20.

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