MWC 2017: ZTE Unveils The Gigabit Phone, The World’s First 5G Smartphone With 1Gbps Download Speed!

ZTE announced that its generation of 5G is able to run at Gigabit speed it is 10 times faster than the current fastest 4G internet speed.

ZTE on Sunday took the wraps off its first 5G-capable smartphone, the ZTE Gigabit Phone.

ZTE calls the Gigabit Phone a “forward-looking” smartphone, which essentially translates to “concept phone that will never actually be sold.” The Gigabit Phone isn’t intended for retail, however. Instead, it’s intended to showcase 5G and the lightning-fast upload and download speeds that will come along with it once 5G networks begin to roll out. Remember, this isn’t the distant future we’re talking about here; Verizon will fire up its 5G networks in at least 11 different markets this year!
The lag-free gaming experience and 4K video stream are main features of the 5G network.

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