MWC 2017: Oppo Announced Its New 5X Camera Technology!

OPPO has finally announced its new ‘5x Project’, which the company promises will take the most popular smartphone feature to a whole new level.

OPPO is teasing a camera technology that’s similar to the telephoto lens setup at the rear side of the iPhone 7 Plus. The phablet is able to provide 2x zoom functionality without degrading that image quality but what OPPO could be telling us is that its camera tech could take that zoom functionality up to 5x, which sounds really exciting!

With the maximum lossless zoom capability among the available smartphone camera technology, the company claims to it is offering its users the best image stabilization in the camera with the new technology. The role of the lens does not come into play, but it is rather the function of the in-camera image processing that is doing all the magic inside the device. While this is a great feature to have, it will result in severe loss of image quality. Actually, The 5x optical zoom by OPPO uses the similar physics used in a periscope in a submarine! 

 OPPO registered over 50 new patent for this technology and dedicated 318 days to develop this dual camera system.

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